Как сделать меч корво

Corvo blade 2.0 prop kit

Strengthened and upgraded version of my Corvo blade/Corvo XL Blade designs. Easier to build and no more external guides or connection features.

Operation/Spinning Instructions:

NOTE: This kit is designed specifically as a con-safe cosplay prop. The end of the prop is squared-off and blunt and is therefore in no way intended to create a potentially dangerous weapon. Any modification to the design as sold is outside the recommendation and responsibility of the creator and manufacturer of this kit

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Corvo Prop Kit: 
Corvo XL Prop Kit: 

Other Materials:
1/4 Elastic Bands Heavy: 
Jumbo Paper Clips : Staples (1mm diameter wire)
Fishing Line/String/Thread: Sports/Hobby Store
Pewter/Silver Leaf Rub n' Buff: Hobby Store
Wood Grain Contact Paper/300LSE (Amazon)

Razor Blade/X Acto
Paint Brush
Old Tooth Brush

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